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Internet Services @ The Gotham Bus Company

Trust Gotham Bus with your Internet infrastructure. Colocate your servers in our Long Island (New York) facility and rest easy knowing that your business is running in a carrier grade facility on a fast, reliable network. Space is available in 1U increments, quarter racks, half racks, and full racks. Bandwidth is available with commitments as low as 128 Kbps.

The Highlights

  • TWO datacenter locations on Long Island to meet virtually every need from the budget conscious to the high-end.
  • We run a pristine network. You won't find SPAM problems here, nor is the network filled with IRC, gaming and other non-business data.
  • We provide a blended premium bandwidth mix to all customers. There is no Cogent or other bargain basement networks in our portfolio.
  • Backup power is provided by on-site natural gas generator. Our power generation system provides full utility replacement power within 10 seconds of a utility failure. Each rack has its own UPS to bridge the gap between utility and stand-by power.
  • ALL customer servers are checked every 5 minutes by our monitoring systems. We provide live response to any problems on a 24x7 basis.
  • The datacenter is secure, with video monitoring and no unescorted access allowed.

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